Over the past few years, Vietnam-based TH Group, which possesses the high-profile TH true MILK brand name, has made two big breakthroughs which have driven the group to work ‘For the sake of the health of consumers’. These have contributed to helping Ms. Thai Huong, CEO of BAC A BANK and Chairwoman of TH Group, to take Vietnamese organic and fresh milk to the entire world.

Since 2008, TH Group has been operating a $1.2 billion high-tech concentrated dairy and fresh milk production project in the central province of Nghe An’s Nghia Dan district. This project has made the first breakthrough in the domestic milk industry by using state-of-the-art technology for its activities about grass cultivation and raising dairy cows.

The second breakthrough was driving the Vietnamese milk sector to an organic path, on which fresh, safe and organic foodstuff products are produced, with a mindset of ‘creating a safe and organic foodstuff ecosystem’ and ‘becoming a good housewife for the community’.

Serving-Vietnamese-fresh-milk-to-the-world-2Under Ms. Thai Huong’s leadership, TH Group, financed and consulted by BAC A BANK, has been considered a great contributor in Vietnam to shifting people’s habit from using reconstituted milk to fresh milk.
The TH Group’s entry into production of organic milk was triggered by a milk adulteration scandal.
At the Global Summit of Women organised in Japan in May 2017, Ms. Thai Huong told thousands of international CEOs, “One night in 2008, I was watching TV, and I saw news about the Melamine-contaminated milk scandal, which can harm the health of millions of children. I was shocked. The next morning, I gathered all senior members of the BAC A BANK’s management board for a meeting. We decided to start producing fresh milk right in our home land. It was the beginning of the TH Group.”

Thai Huong signing an agreement with the Governor of Kaluga to invest in Kaluga Province of Russia

The breakthrough decision gave birth to the $1.2 billion high-tech concentrated dairy and fresh milk production project in Nghe An, financed by BAC A BANK.

At present, the project’s first stage, worth $500 million, has been completed, with a total number of 45,000 dairy cows and a total land area of 8,100 hectares.

After reaping successes with high-quality brand TH true MILK products, Ms. Thai Huong said that Vietnamese people should enjoy the safest and freshest things, as do people in Germany, the US and Japan.

Then she turned her focus to organic production. From late 2015 to May 2017, BAC A BANK and TH Group obtained high-profile organic certificates for its organic cow farm, with more than 1,000 animals and the whole production chain.

In August 2017, TH Group launched its TH true MILK organic and fresh milk product. One month later, this product won the award of ‘The most brilliant new product’ at the Moscow International Foodstuff Exhibition in Russia.

In order to make a brand name live permanently, we must be patient and steadfast in fostering it, with our kindness and honesty shining the road for the brand name to progress
Ms. Thai Huong,
Chairwoman of TH Group

In addition, TH Group concentrated on producing safe vegetables and herbs in Nghia Dan district of Nghe An, with products branded FVF and TH true Herbal.

Reaching out overseas
To realise her dream of bringing Vietnamese TH true MILK products to the world, Ms. Thai Huong has been implementing a $2.7 billion high-tech concentrated dairy and fresh milk production project in Russia, whose land occupies half of the land area of Europe.

This three-stage project is Vietnam’s biggest agri-food one overseas so far. In addition to producing milk, this project will also churn out high-quality vegetables and fruit.

Serving-Vietnamese-fresh-milk-to-the-world-3Ms. Thai Huong said that after completion, the project will house more than 350,000 dairy cows, with total processing capacity of 5,900 tonnes per day, equivalent to nearly 1.8 million tonnes per year. The project will also have a total concentrated material area of 140,000 hectares.

TH Group expects to take the first high-yield dairy cows to Russia by late October 2017. The first batch of products from this project will be marketed in Russia in May 2018. Millions of Russian people will be able to enjoy TH true MILK products, which are produced to international standards.

While attending the Eastern Economic Forum 2017, Ms. Thai Huong proudly introduced her projects in Russia to Russia’s President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin in September 2017.
TH Group will invest further in the dairy cow project, cultivate high-quality herbs, and produce cow feed in Russia’s Far East region.

All the products will be marketed locally, and in neighboring nations, especially China.

With her strong will and heart, Ms. Thai Huong has inspired many other Vietnamese businesspersons who wish to make a mark in international markets.