Marketed as the world’s real estate investment token, Evareium is a blockchain and smart contract solution for the digitalized real estate investment generation. Its introduction has galvanized instant online digitalized investment into managed real estate assets through a ‘tokenized’ fund. Such funds tend to create liquidity by registering on multiple digital exchanges and this trend will be noticeable over the course of 2018.

Reacting to the honour bestowed upon Evareium, Stefan Hickmott, CEO of Evarei expressed his delight and stressed the importance of being recognized by one’s peers. He said, “We engineered Evareium to be a complete, digitalized ecosystem investment model. We hope it will define a turning point in the global real estate investment industry. We can only show our appreciation for this recognition by reaffirming our commitment to widening such technological boundaries.”

Andrew Rowlstone, Head of Investor Relations, Evarei, added “Our gratitude goes to International Finance for recognizing our efforts, as well as the entire Evareium team and our many advisors, each of whom have been instrumental in forming Evareium and making this such an inspiring project.” Hickmott stated that the company is currently launching an Initial Token Offering (ITO) to raise funds through the issuance of EVM tokens, which represent a beneficial interest in the Evareium fund and are disseminated via blockchain technology. Elaborating on the new premise, Stefan further said, “Fully integrating blockchain technology is a key objective of Smart Dubai’s 2020 government vision for example. Today, a significant number of governments on the global stage are following the same lead with the aim of integrating full digitalization of government processes.  Evareium achieves this by offering a highly-valuable and scalable real estate investment model suitable for the point-and-click digital investment age that we are all rapidly entering.”

The marriage of technology into real estate investment is just beginning. A swift transformation is occurring in terms of growth industries like IoT (the Internet of Things), smart digital contracts based on blockchain and the ability to harness these technological phenomena, all of which create a vastly different approach to real estate investment procurement and management in a more rapid, transparent and valuable manner.

Hickmott is clear that the future will demand ultimately a total re-orientation of mindset within the real estate investment sector. “Our belief is that investment, exchange and divestment of interests in this sector will one day be orchestrated completely digitally on a widespread scale.  And it will be facilitated in an instantaneous, digitalized, secure manner, opposing traditional physical sales and purchases which will rapidly become obsolete.”

He was confident that Evareium would spearhead this new paradigm across the multi-trillion-dollar real estate investment industry. “The vision has been to create a Limited Partner/General Partner fund in the Cayman Islands, which will raise and deploy capital initially into the real estate sector in the GCC region, with a particular focus on Dubai and the wider UAE,” he said.

With over 20 years of experience in the European and the GCC region, based out of Dubai, working exclusively on real estate, hospitality, and related projects Hickmott has established impressive credentials in the real estate investment business. Previously, vice-president at leading private equity firm The Abraaj Group, and before that in 2004 was instrumental in the formation of what is now Jones Lang LaSalle MENA. He is known as a person with a passion for creating value for stakeholders in the real estate space and delivering meaningful models to power new initiatives that address investment and consumer needs.

Having handpicked the Evareium team, he now finds the challenge of harnessing blockchain technology stimulating. By collaborating with excellent blockchain, asset enhancement and fundraising advisory firms regionally and internationally, Evareium’s strategy is destined to yield returns. These strong links include Evarei’s recent signing with lead fundraising arrangement firm: Safa Capital of the Dubai International Financial Centre, as well as Block Gemini Technologies in Dubai, as well as asset enhancement, green technology and energy/cost-saving specialists Tellus Environmental Specialists from the UK.