November - December 2018 Issue

China's cross-border business map - is it too ambitious?

China is developing one of the most expansive road and sea trade routes. How will it pan out?

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September - November 2018 Issue

Providing Kenya an alternate financial lifeline

Bancor's newest technology initiative can enable Kenya's financial inclusion

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July - August 2018 Issue

Italy spirals into crisis as politics takes a toll on economy

The big question is: Will the appointment of Giuseppe Conte as the new PM appease matters?

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May - June 2018 Issue

Europe introduces General Data Protection Regulation for business

The GDPR for business will tighten customer privacy, and have a far-reaching impact on businesses

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March - April 2018 Issue

The next major investment hub in the UAE

The emirate of Sharjah leads economic diversification using technology and innovation

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Jan - March 2018 Issue

Oman diversifies its economy with oil

Oman Oil Cooperation & Exploration Company is leading the country's efforts to expand its avenues of income by growing the oil & gas sector

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2017 Issues

Jul - Sep 2017 Issue

Make digitisation work for you

Turn risk management into competitive advantage

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Apr - Jun 2017 Issue

A time to eliminate inefficiencies and get rid of unprofitable assets

As the global economy aligns itself with the changes brought about by Brexit and the Trump presidency, companies are taking a hard look inwards

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Jan - Mar 2017 Issue

This year will be about Brexit and Donald Trump

Unless we have some more surprises, most events over the next few months are likely to be dictated by Brexit and the next US president.

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2016 Issues

Oct - Dec 2016 Issue

Banking & Payment Systems

Banks are closing branches as customers are increasingly opting for either digital or mobile banking. How are banks adapting to the changing scenario? You should get an idea from the interview with Cezary Kocik, Vice-President of the Management Board, Head of Retail Banking, mBank

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Jul - Sep 2016 Issue

Oil & Gas: US crude weighs in on the movement prices

Saudi Arabia is unrelenting on production cutbacks in a bid to squeeze out high-cost producers. While many companies have either shut shop or cut back on production, read how US crude is keeping prices in check

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Apr - Jun 2016 Issue

Mining Special

The mining industry is facing an existential crisis. A look at what companies are doing to prevent getting wiped out

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Jan - Mar 2016 Issue

The Green Energy Revolution

If everyone is moving towards cleaner sources of energy, what happens to the billions and trillions invested in oil and gas? That’s a very uncomfortable question, which we have dealt with in our cover story.

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2015 Issues

Oct - Dec 2015 Issue


‘Outsiders have worked out the mysteries of insurance’

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Jul - Sep 2015 Issue

Payment Systems

The payment systems ecosphere is thriving with innovation and new products.

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Apr - Jun 2015 Issue


The world of Small and Medium-size Enterprises

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Jan - Mar 2015 Issue

Mobile Banking

The M-PESA Story: Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore on the runaway success of mobile banking in Kenya

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2014 Issues

Oct - Dec 2014 Issue

Islamic Finance: The Time has come

London is slowly, but surely warming up to Islamic finance and banking

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