The contemporary generation views the modern world as a large-scale communicative medium. Everyone can contact any person on Earth choosing any means from a wide range of options like a telephone, messenger, video conference, airmail etc. However, social networks are recognised as the most popular means of communication in the 21st century.

Nowadays, we are not satisfied with merely swapping messages. Modern users want to share their preferences, tastes, skills, professional achievements, and even unveil their private life. Some people are keen to behave like stars and set the tone. Others behave like fans, who follow their favorites. The former shares one’s experience with the latter. The latter absorbs information and learns from the former. Sometimes, they exchange roles after a while.

In essence, modern trading in financial markets is similar to a social network. Year after year, trading is hot on the heels of technological innovations. So speculative trading has become available to anyone and more transparent. Now, modern retail traders do not hide behind nicknames, do not keep their strategies in secret, and do not avoid communication.

On the contrary, recent trends in forex trading, such as PAMM accounts and network trading, suggest transparency and full access to trading operations. Communication is the key concept in trading, like in social networks.

Similar to social media, there are popular forex traders who are the focus of attention, whose strategies are followed, and who set an example for others. On the other hand, there are less successful participants in the forex community. Besides, there are newcomers who just look around, ape popular traders, and eventually launch their own forex careers.

The ForexCopy system with InstaForex is a special service which is the most akin to social networks. Nearly five years ago, InstaForex outran other brokers and created a trading service which combines a practical forex course and social network. Importantly, unlike a traditional training course and social network, this service gives users the opportunity to make good money alongside learning and communicating.

The ForexCopy system with InstaForex is an innovative service which enables copying deals of successful traders online. Every user of this service gains access to deals of successful experienced traders who do not hide their knowledge and skills, but share them with other users. Thus, the ForexCopy system allows all participants to earn.

Forexcopy-picSimilar to a social network, some participants in the ForexCopy system are recognised as stars, favorites or underdogs. The more followers a seasoned trader has attracted, the higher his status and profits are.
However, participants are free to add to ‘friends’ or subscribe to any trader. Perhaps, a less popular trader could bring better profit. On the contrary, the most popular trader could ensure steady but modest gains.

As mentioned earlier, your status in a social network would change sooner or later. Once, you used to subscribe to somebody. After a while, you will receive requests from followers.

At a certain point, the ForexCopy system can offer you more than just an opportunity to copy deals of successful traders. Your time will come and you will become a leader after being a follower. So you will register as a trader with the ForexCopy monitoring.

In other words, apart from your own earnings on Forex, you will be paid commissions for your followers. Everything will depend on you, your trading skills, and popularity.

At present, thousands of traders have been registered for the ForexCopy service with InstaForex. Some of them are registered as traders, some are acting as followers. Every day, a lot of traders join the service seeking income and popularity.

Nowadays, hybrid social networks are at the forefront of popularity. They have outpaced traditional online social media, as they provide both social networking service and a source of good earnings.