Oracle recently opened a public charter school at its Redwood city headquarters. Students at the Design Tech High School will receive mentorship directly from Oracle employees, intern at the company and attend classes on relevant topics like wearables.

Oracle co-CEO Safra Catz at the school opening ceremony told students “throughout the country, you will all be ambassadors for the future of education.” The initiative could seem like students are encouraged to join the company someday. However, according to CNBC, the company said “that’s not the point.”

The Design Tech High School is started with a fundamental purpose to teach design and problem solving. The company even invited students to give suggestions on the design and construction.

Executive director Colleen Cassity said, “It’s a long-term leap of faith. You try and make the best intervention that you can, and you do it in a way that is intellectually rigorous and you think is going to be effective.” As per reports, children of parents who work at Oracle will not be given preference for enrollment.

Oracle has invested in education right from the start. However, it is the first time Oracle has involved in a School of its own. The company provides even basic institutional facilities like commute. The shuttle buses used by employees are also used as school buses for students. In addition, the school’s basketball team can practice at the company’s fitness center.

Design tech is growing popular among other technical courses today. Students Joelene Latief and a friend designed an anti-theft purse, and the company helped them acquire the patent. Students like Latief attends the School in Rosewood city, and will benefit from the company’s mentorship and internship.

Other tech companies like Facebook. Microsoft, Google and Salesforce are investing in education. The idea is to make students more tech advanced.