In a joint venture to firmly establish a digital economy, public-sector leaders and education specialists from Indonesia and Singapore conducted a meet on March 12 for a leadership workshop. The aim was to discuss the issues in the e-commerce space.

Both the nations signed three Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) that includes two learning exchange programmes.

The two-year learning exchange curriculum will focus on the enhancement of capabilities of 100 administrators in ministries and organisations associated with the government in Indonesia. The focus is to build a strategy for e-commerce logistics.

The programis supported by Temasek Foundation International, which is providing US$620,899. Indonesia’s Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs will also fund the initiative.

Temasek Foundation International, Singapore Cooperation Enterprise (SCE) and Republic Polytechnic in a joint statement mentioned the organizations will work in association with the government of Indonesia to exchange their know-how of e-commerce logistics.

Another session will be conducted that will emphasise on enhancing technical education courses in supply chain management for e-commerce platforms.