The World Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit is a rich platform that assembles members of the global blockchain community. The aim is to create legal and investment conditions that drive favorable changes in the use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

Trending topics like ICO, blockchain, cryptocurrency, crypto trading and regulation will be in focus. Representatives of crypto associations, authorities, foundation, investment companies, banks and IDACB’s partners will take part.

Renowned and influential speakers of this industry will be present to address the current challenges and opportunities. The Summit will encourage exchange of knowledge, views, ideas and experience in this technology regulation. There will be sessions held as part of the event specific to the regulatory framework of cryptosphere and its interaction with the state bodies.   

The WBC Summit will host more than 400 top professionals and 30 international organisations significant to the blockchain regulation in Europe, the North America, the Near East, Africa and Asia.  

It is also a new platform for regular IDACB board meetings that will be held three to four times a year. The meetings will address relevant legal and technical matters associated with ICO, blockchain and crypto trading.