Autism centers in the UAE are deploying robotic teaching assistants to facilitate better learning.

Technology-based learning solutions company, ATLAB delivered the first robot in this space, which is currently used by Umm Al Quwain Autism Centre.

According to Arabian Business, Nilesh Korgaonkar, general manager at ATLAB, said: “Robotic teaching assistants are changing the way the kids are taught. It enables children to be more interactive when compared to a human teacher. It is even more true with an autistic child.”  

ATLAB Teach Assist was first introduced during Global Education Supplies and Solutions (GESS) Dubai 2017. “The first edition of the Teach Assist robots were deployed in some schools as a pilot project. The results were really encouraging. The schools as well as the students loved it a lot,” Korgaonkar added.

The software’s second upgrade is ready to be employed in autistic schools. Korgaonkar explained the additional improvements in the software, which include customisation of lesson plans, sensors to boost intelligence and advancements in face recognition encourage children in learning capabilities.