International Finance Awards

The IFM Awards celebrates excellence in its purest form. An event that recognizes and honours individuals and organisations in the international finance industry that make a significant difference and add value, the Award is one that will herald the highest standards of innovation and performance. The Award shines a spotlight on those who make a contribution to raising the bar in the financial industry through activities of note. These include path-breaking initiatives in corporate social responsibility or charitable activities, better corporate governance and other achievements that impact the global finance community.

Apart from recognizing the key parameters in the industry, the IFM award makes a concerned effort to shine the spotlight on organisations in niche segments and those that exhibit brilliance in the unsung corners of the finance industry.

The entire process is free of charge – from nominations to evaluation to the announcement of the awards. Using a combination of reader nominations and expert analysis ensures that there is a fair process that is not influenced by reputation or newsworthiness. After meticulous research and analysis by the internal team.

The Winners