About International Finance

International Finance Magazine (IFM) aims to be a source of information, analysis and insights for the global finance community. Headquartered in London, IFM was established with a mission to convey credible financial news and articles to the global financial community in a concise, simple and easy-to-understand manner.

Integrating deep domain knowledge with sharp analysis, IFM is an online resource that helps readers understand the forces that drive the market better. Timely, in-depth and insightful coverage of key market developments and analysis of the drivers behind change help readers understand the complicated economic processes taking place in the international financial community.

IFM aims to be a unique source of information covering many markets, but recognises the distinction between emerging and developed markets. Read in over 185 countries worldwide, IFM reaches out to the masses globally. With a discerning focus on emerging markets, IFM provides news, analysis and commentary on this sphere of vibrant economic activity. We address economic and business factors affecting these markets and help identify regions, industry sectors and companies that are making a difference.

The topics we cover include Banking, Islamic Finance Asset Management, Wealth Management, Hedge Funds, Pension Funds and Emerging Markets. We will also have in-depth analysis and opinion pieces on relevant issues, like the importance of CSR, put the spotlight on people who are making a difference and more, giving you comprehensive and multi-faceted coverage of news and issues. Apart from these features, we will carry exclusive interviews with leading business personalities.

The audience for IFM is the financial community worldwide, and includes top decision makers and influencers in the financial industry.


To convey credible, insightful financial news and articles to the global audience in a simple, easy-to-understand format.


To be the most sought after financial information provider online.

The International Finance Team

International Finance Magazine is promoted by a team that has deep knowledge across the domains of Finance, International Markets, Journalism and the Media industry.

Director & Publisher: Sunil Bhat
Editor: Dhiraj Shetty
Production: Mark Miller, Sean Thomas
Editorial: Adam Johnson, Adriana Coopens, Jessica Smith, Lacy De Schmidt
Business Analysts: Dave Jones, Adam Lobo, Sharon Mendis, Patrick Scmidt
Business Development Manager: Steve Martin, Ryan Cooper, Sid Jain
Business Development: Steve Lloyd, Newton Gois, Sunny Shah, Ashish Shenoy
Accounts: Angela Mathews